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Prav Messaging App- Privacy and convenience with choice of providers

Prav is a messaging service which can be used to exchange messages, audio/video calls, files, images and videos through internet. Prav App is convenient without vendor lock-in.

Many mainstream messaging apps allow you to talk only to people who use the same app, other apps which provide choice have many manual steps and people complain they are inconvenient.

Inspired by Quicksy app, Prav provides both convenience of entering only a phone number and at the same time allow talking to people using any app that understands XMPP protocol like Quicksy, Monocles Chat, Dino, Gajim or Monal.

Get involved

We are currently in private beta phase and planning for a public beta release of Prav App.


Get Involved!

Do you have experience with Android app development? We are inviting Android developers for creating prav public beta app as paid work.

Privacy By Default

All messages are end-to-end encrypted by default. When you send a message to someone, nobody else can read your messages. Even we cannot read your messages.

Convenient To Use

Just enter your phone number,pay the subscription fee, enter OTP and you are ready to talk.

Transparency And Audatibility

Our apps can be verified by third-party experts as it is free/swatantra software and the source code is available.

Quality Calls And File Sharing

Good quality audio/video calls and file sharing.

No lock-in

You are not locked into our service. You can move out of our service without losing any of your contacts. We don't stop users to talk to users from other XMPP services.

Democratic Decision Making

All changes to the Privacy Policy will happen only with approval from the majority approval of users.

No Eavesdropping

Funded directly by users, we don't collect sensitive data.