• Pirate Praveen: Helped in outreach and supervising the project and guided Ravi for deploying Quicksy server.

  • Chagai for building the apk of prav app.

  • Ravi Dwivedi helped in maintaining prav website, social handle, setting up prav server and project outreach activities.

  • Akshay S Dinesh helped by troubleshooting from time to time and adapting quicksy server.

  • Badri and Suman did the initial ejabberd setup

  • Sajith and Badri helped in domain and hosting.

  • Raghukamath designed the prav logo.

  • Mani built the prav beta release apk.

  • VGLUG hosted prav app beta release party and translated the poster in Tamil.

  • Badri created the beta release party poster and the countdown for beta release on the website.


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