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Volunteer For Us

If you have some spare time, you can help us with any of the following tasks:

Non Technical

  • Translations (with your Codeberg account)
  • Social media / publicity
  • Documentation
  • Design posters, flyers etc
  • Creating videos about our project
  • Project / operations / logistics management

Please join either the XMPP or Matrix group (these groups are bridged, so joining one group is sufficient) if you are interested in helping us with non-technical tasks.


  • Android app development
  • System administration
  • Website maintenance

For getting involved in one of these above mentioned tasks, please join our development group via xmpp or Matrix. The easiest way to join is to install Quicksy in Android, clicking on the URL in the Quicksy app. If you using iOS, check out our blog post on the same. In desktop, you can use Monal IM in MacOS, Gajim in Windows, and Dino in GNU/Linux distributions to join the group.